Katerina Brown
Jazz Vocalist and Educator
Katerina Brown, a Russian immigrant with a warm, honeyed voice, has made her mark on the Bay Area Jazz scene and as a top vocal educator. Effortlessly blending American jazz standards with classics, she not only excels in performance but also helps thousands of voices develop their full potential. Her style and vocals set her apart as a future classic in both arenas Her story is inspiring, motivating, and calls to action, making her a figure whose achievements and style are truly deserving of attention.
Here's the biography of Katerina Brown, structured chronologically and logically, with a cohesive narrative:

Born in 1982 in a small town outside St. Petersburg, Katerina Brown was captivated by music from a young age. Growing up during the final years of the Soviet Union, she eagerly absorbed her father's jazz and American records, notably those of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Throughout her adolescence, she studied classical music and began performing blues and standards in local clubs as a teenager.

At 19, Katerina moved to St. Petersburg, quickly immersing herself in the local jazz scene and connecting with fellow young musicians. By the age of 21, she had become a skilled bandleader, regularly performing at the Red Lion Blues Club, owned by an American. Over the next five years, she established herself as a prominent blues singer in the city.

Her career advanced significantly when she joined one of the region's top acts, the Old Fashioned Blues Band, and spent about six years touring and recording across Russia and Ukraine. In pursuit of greater musical challenges and opportunities for improvisation, Katerina enrolled at the Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts in 2010 to study harmony and theory.

During her studies, she began collaborating with saxophonist Sergey Nagorniy, a leading figure on the St. Petersburg jazz scene. His influence expanded her jazz repertoire, introducing her to the works of Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughan. Katerina's reputation grew, and she became a featured vocalist with a jazz orchestra under the auspices of St. Petersburg's Cultural Centre of the General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In 2013, her prominence was further solidified when she was included in the jazz encyclopedia, *Jazz in Saint-Petersburg: Who Is Who*, by Russian jazz critic Vladimir Feyrtag. That same year, she met her future husband, bassist Gary Brown, during his tour in Russia with Latin jazz pianist Rebeca Mauleón.

Eager to deepen her jazz studies, Katerina applied for a visa and traveled to the United States, where she took lessons from renowned artists such as Berklee's Gabriel Goodman, JD Walter, and Raz Kennedy. During a month-long stay in New York City in 2014, she frequented prominent jazz venues like Small's and Birdland.

In 2015, at the invitation of Gary Brown, Katerina moved to the Bay Area. She quickly became an integral part of the local jazz community, performing at prestigious venues including Yoshi's in Oakland and the Black Cat in San Francisco. She was also featured regularly with the SFJAZZ Monday Night Big Band.

In 2016, Katerina founded her vocal studio, Mellow Tones, attracting over 60 students in its first year. When the pandemic hit in 2020, she expanded her teaching online, launching a CVT online school for Russian-speaking vocalists worldwide. She also traveled extensively, conducting master classes and teaching the CVT methodology to educators in America and Russia.

Also in 2016, Katerina initiated Step-by-Step Performing Art Studio, where she hosts Summer Camps focused on Music and Art for children. In 2017, she began studying at Denmark's Complete Vocal Institute, graduating in 2020 with a master's degree in Complete Vocal Techniques. Her thirst for knowledge led her back to the institute in 2023 to study vocal rehabilitation, completing the course in May 2024 and earning the title of CVT Vocal Rehabilitation Specialist.

Katerina Brown's journey from a small town outside St. Petersburg to becoming a leading figure in the Bay Area's jazz community and a revered mentor to aspiring artists exemplifies her exceptional talent and dedication to the art of jazz.

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Professional Summary
Ekaterina Brown is a distinguished jazz vocalist with over 25 years of performance experience, complemented by a robust career as a certified pedagogue and vocal rehabilitation.
She has trained thousands of vocalists ranging from professional stage performers and television show participants to beginners and Silicon Valley IT professionals.
Katerina excels at delivering masterclasses, courses, and marathon sessions in vocal and speech training.
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- Discography includes the album "Mirror" and several singles, collaborations with Grammy awardees like Airto Moreira and Mads Tolling.
Education and Certifications
- Diploma of Special Honors, Saint Petersburg Institute of Culture and Arts, top graduate of the Faculty of Variety, 2015.
- Three-year diploma from the Complete Vocal Institute (Denmark), authorized teacher in Complete Vocal Technique.
- NCFE CACHE Level 5 Diploma in Voice Rehabilitation using Complete Vocal Technique (CVT).
- Certified in Estill Voice Training (Level 1,2) and Somatic Voice Work (Level 1).
- Extended studies at California Jazz Conservatory, Berkeley: participated in masterclasses and received individual training from Raz Kennedy and Kenny Washington.
- Private vocal instruction with Gabrielle Goodman, JD Walter, Charles Bryant in New York.
Professional Experience
- Extensive live performance history with various bands and at acclaimed venues across California (SF Jazz, Yoshi's, Sound Room), Europe (La Fontaine, Copenhagen), and Russia (JFC Jazz Club, Butman Jazz Club).
- Winner of the Jazz Search West competition and featured vocalist with the SFJazz Monday Night Band (2016).
Performance and Awards
- Currently producing the album "Classical Composers in Jazz".
Key Skills
- Vocal Technique Expertise: Proficient in various vocal styles, specializing in jazz and pop.
- Vocal Rehabilitation Proficiency: Skilled in addressing voice pathologies and supporting post-operative recovery. Expert in working with vocalists and individuals with voice disorders.
- Speech Technique Focus: Also focuses on speech technique, working with individuals to improve overall speech articulation and delivery.
- Educational Program Development: Experienced in curriculum design and the execution of educational programs for diverse audiences.
- Bilingual Communication: Fluent in Russian and English, with strong interpersonal and translation skills.

- Founder, "Step By Step Performing Arts" and "Mellow Tones Vocal Studio" in California — developed comprehensive training programs for adults and children.

- Vocal Blogger, @CVT_KaterinaBrown — shares educational content and vocal tips.
- Founder, Online CVT Community for Russian-speaking educators and professional vocalists.
- Translator, translated the Complete Vocal Technique guide into Russian.
- Founder and Instructor, Online school for Complete Vocal Technique, — personally trained over 3,000 vocalists in this unique methodology.
- Conducted over 200 vocal courses and masterclasses globally, both in-person and online.
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